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We invite you to take a moment to scan through our web pages to understand who we are, what we stand for, and how best we can be of help to you, your family and friends. We can help, whether you are in the market for new home, pre-existing home, lease or investment properties, to sell your home or you simply want a management company to manage your existing home(s) or apartments. Our job is to locate the appropriate house at the right price for you, your family or friends at absolutely no cost to you. "There is no better feeling for us than finding the perfect house that you transform into the perfect home." 

Kevin Young, Owner

Kevin has made it his goal to always be there for his clients -- to always have their best interests at heart and to never rest until they have reached their dreams. It's something he believes in, something he works very hard to achieve and something that has made him a top professional in the Dallas market. Why not call Kevin Young today and find out for yourself what it's like to work with an agent who has your best interests at heart. 

Kevin Young's community has come to know him as a man they can rely on-- a person whose concern for their well being is matched only by his drive to achieve results. Traits like these have only made him a very popular figure within his neighborhood. Kevin has always understood that his clients need to have someone they can depend on to help them make the most of their biggest investment!

In each of his clients, he has seen a bit of himself. He often thinks, "what would I want someone to do if they were safeguarding the biggest investment I was ever going to make?" Whether it's using his football scholarship in order to achieve his degree, playing for the New Orleans Saints, or raising a son as a single father, as a real estate professional his heart is in everything he does.


KY II REALTORS is a Texas Corporation, created to provide Real Estate business in the state of Texas. The company was organized to list, sell, and manage real property in accordance with statutes of the state of Texas. Kevin Young - a man with many years of experience, utmost honesty and impeccable integrity, founded KY II REALTORS in April 2000. With his strong foundation to build on, the company has moved forward. KY II REALTORS has systems and techniques in place to propel new agents to their peak performance, including close personal training by an experienced management team. These tools and systems are available to our agents for selling and listing property along with professional selling techniques result in revenues from commissioned sales. The rate of the commissions is not fixed but may be estimated for budgeting purposes. The commission earned is gross revenue for the company. 


We believe that "all people are created equal". Believing such, we are committed to giving professional service to all our clientele. We believe that "you reap what you sow." In sowing seeds of trust, integrity, excitement, enthusiasm, generosity, and commitment, we reap a bountiful harvest. We believe that an "attitude of gratitude" contributes greatly to our success. Therefore, in marketing the company and ourselves, we approach each situation with a positive attitude -always being grateful for the opportunity to serve others. 

Residential Services

As a Residential Service Broker, we at KY II REALTORS specialize in 1-4 single-family housing. KY II REALTORS will offer you a broad overview of the communities we serve. Recommendations for financing or re-financing property will be provide to the clients of KY II REALTORS as needed. The agents of KY II REALTORS are knowledgeable of current changes in the real estate industry and programs to assist first-time homebuyers in their purchasing process. KY II REALTORS will facilitate and negotiate all transactions on behalf of their clients to ensure full customer satisfaction. 

Property Manager Solutions

The Property Management Team of KY II REALTORS is experienced in residential and commercial real estate, as well as personal management of their own property investments. The Property Management Team will assist clients in maximizing the full use of their investment. The Property Manager will supervise all operations to ensure the highest possible return to our clients. Property Management includes: leasing, eviction, clean up, preparation for rental or selling, property repairs, accounting, and advertising. We provide full service to our customers. Our service will illuminate any concerns our customers may have regarding their investment under KY II REALTORS supervision. 


Kevin Young
Kevin Young
223 N Cedar Ridge Dr Duncanville TX 75116
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